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 The teaching and support staff in Year 3 are eager to promote independence and self-motivation in the children. To help foster their interest in learning we offer a wide range of learning opportunities for all the children, no matter what their strengths and learning styles. Children in Year 3 can expect a challenging curriculum with Topics ranging from ‘The Flintstones’ (a study of Rocks and Soils) to ‘Rotten Romans’ (exploring the historical civilisation).

The teaching and support staff work across the year group as a whole so the children develop positive working relationships with all the adults, whilst working with many different children. We are keen to discuss any queries and working together with parents to help the children make the most of their time in Year 3.

Teaching Staff: Mr Maguire (Phase Leader Y3-4), Miss Willis and Miss Pawsey.

Support Staff: Mrs Bragginton, Mrs Fernandez, Mrs Jeanes and Mrs Michelo.

This is Year 3’s latest ‘RNLI’ topic letter.

Year 3 have their own Facebook page (2012 starters – current year 3) which can be found at: