Incredible local runner Peter Thompson led Key Stage Two in an inspiring assembly about the 44 marathons that he completed in 44 days across Europe this summer.


Peter described his incentives, including wanting to aspire to achieve a difficult challenge and raising awareness and money for mental health charities Mind and Holton Lee.

The children were really inspired and impressed, and totally focused all assembly. They agreed that Peter had demonstrated our school values well. He had demonstrated aspiration (just like Astro Aspiration) by planning to complete (and completing) such a difficult challenge. He showed great respect through his decision to complete the challenge as a way of helping others (just like Rizzy Respect). Peter also demonstrated our Planet Belonging value well, as he described the difficulties that he faced along the way and the many people who helped him complete his running journey.

He really motivated us all. We thought of words to describe our local hero – which included heroic, outstanding and inspirational. We created a framed picture of our descriptions of Peter. It was presented to him by two of our newly appointed Jigsaw Ambassadors, and very warmly received.

The display’s foot shape represents his tired feet. To find out more about Peter’s journey and story,  visit