The Eco Warriors meet fortnightly to discuss what they need to do in their chosen areas of responsibility, and to share what progress they are making towards their targets which have been set to achieve the next Eco-Schools award.

During the last meeting, new members were selected from year 3 and year 5. This means that the Warriors are now made up of 4 children from each of the year groups 3 to 6. The existing warriors held interviews for the year 5 position as there was a lot of interest in joining. Their final decision was unanimous.


The materials collecting bank is still in the front car park of the school and is doing really well. Both the school council and ourselves are planning exciting things for the school grounds with the profits we are making from this venture. Please keep sorting through your materials at home – every item counts!

Science Garden

We are creating a fantastic new teaching resource in the school grounds – a science garden, where the children will be able to go to learn more about living creatures and their habitats. However, this will not be the only use for the garden. Children will learn to care for the garden and be responsible for its upkeep together with the staff. It will also be a valuable resource for other curriculum areas.

We are planning to divide the garden into 4 areas;

  1. A butterfly area – here we will encourage butterflies to visit our garden by planting wild flowers and shrubs and putting up butterfly feeding stations.
  2. A bug hotel! – here we will be providing an environment perfect for bugs and insects where the children will be able to view them and monitor their habits through clear Perspex viewing windows.
  3. A bog area – here we will be growing plants and encouraging wildlife which prefer moist conditions.
  4. Study area – this is where the children working in the garden can group to share findings, write down ideas etc.

The garden will also accommodate bird boxes and we will have areas where the children can do ‘tree shakes’ to investigate what lives in them!

Message from the Eco-Warriors

Recycle where you can and make sure you turn off electrical equipment and lights when you aren’t using them to save energy!