Our school council is formed at the start of each academic year with the children voting for their class representative.  The children meet regularly. They are involved in a great deal of the decision making in school, including reporting to governors. They act as representatives for their class.

The School Council successfully raised funds for a parent waiting shelter/outdoor classroom and this was installed in May 2011.

This year, School Council members collected votes from their classes and unanimously agreed to sponsor ‘Ash’ the chimpanzee at the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre.  This also means that the winners of the House Cup will be able to visit Monkey World as their reward!

One of the fundraising ideas introduced by the School Council Team this year was the sale of ice lollies after school during the summer months.  This was particularly successful and raised a large amount of money for School Council funds.  The School Council would like to thank all members of staff who helped buy and then sell the lollies, especially Mr Evans.